Monday, November 10, 2008

PMS Solved Without Drugs

PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) is NOT a real disease, although many women would disagree with me. It's actually a product of our modern diet, combined with our daily stress, etc.

There are several chemical changes in the blood of a woman that occur a few days prior to the actual menstrual period, or bleeding cycle.  One of these changes has the zinc level going low, while the copper level goes high. Very high copper/zinc ratios can (and do) actually cause schizophrenia and/or depression, it could be said that women slide at least a little towards "crazy" every month.

In some women, these imbalances can be very serious.  Of course, all these changes are individual, depending on the current ratios of copper and zinc, genetic factors, etc.  There are several other changes as the female body gets ready for another cycle of fertility.Many women become irritable at least, but there are different symptoms for individuals.  PMS is something that husbands use to explain when the wife gets angry or upset.It's an "excuse" used at times by some wives as well.

A very simple and inexpensive vitamin/mineral "cure" is available that seems to work for all women. This is simply taking vitamin B6 and magnesium supplements regularly. The "word" about this got to some MD's and they started patients on large doses of B6. MD's, knowing little about vitamin interaction, called this "B6 toxicity when different women developed other problems, and B6 got a bad reputation. B6 was then written up by some "learned experts" as toxic in large quantities.

The truth, known to all scientists who have studied vitamin and mineral interaction, is much simpler.  If you take large doses of individual B vitamins, you are likely to develop a deficiency in some others.  Thus, if you are going to take large doses of B6, you MUST be taking at least a 50 Mg B complex at the same time.   (B vitamins are synergistic and all are needed to work together.)

As for magnesium, there is a built-in body response to too much - Diarrhea. Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts), is an old laxative, tastes bitter, and a little goes a long way. It tastes terrible, and using magnesium citrate tablets from a health store is usually easier for most.

There's a page on my website devoted to a basic vitamin'mineral regimen that helps everybody. I've personally used Solgar VM-75 for over 25 years. Since it contains 75 mg of all the B vitamins, it solves the above problem, and probably many other health problems as well.  No woman who has followed my advice on this has ever had a problem with excess B6.

I have no vested interest in Solgar, but I’ve found that it works for most for over 25 years. My recommendations for magnesium and calcium balance are also on that webpage.

To avoid PMS completely, how much B6 should you take? That's a tough question to answer, as everyone is different. The usual recommendation is to try taking about 200 mg per day at least 10 days prior to the menstrual period and see if you have PMS.  If not, for that period, try cutting down to 100 mg for the next period. It's up to you to experiment until you find the dosage that's right for you. Remember that you are the best judge of your health. Take either a multi that provides at least 50 mg of the B complex (or Solgar VM-75) daily with this B6 dosage.

If 200 mg doesn't clear up the PMS completely, try 250 mg, or try taking the 200 for the whole month. It varies with each individual. My wife, when I first met her over 20 years ago had very bad PMS. She started on 200 mg and had no PMS. A month or so later, she got quite twitchy, and remarked "You know if I didn't know better, I'd think I was having PMS. I'm craving salty foods and feeling bad."

When I told her that I had cut her down to 100 mg she got very angry at me. She went back up each month, and we found t. A year or so later, she no longer needed the B6, as the VM-75 did it for her. She hasn't had PMS since. This experience is typical for most women. I hope it helps you.

Phil Bate PhD - Retired Orthomolecular Psychologist
Inventor of Neuroliminal Training solving brain problems of:
ADD/ADHD/Autism, Depression, Insomnia, Epilepsy, etc

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